How Divorce Arbitration Or Mediation Can Benefit You

Divorce is not always a protracted court battle. There are alternative dispute resolution methods available to couples who are willing and able to communicate and compromise on the issues that divide them. While these methods don't work for all couples, they can save considerable time, money and emotional stress for those willing to listen and be guided by an experienced and independent mediator or arbitrator.

Diamond & Diamond, P.A., offers divorce mediation and arbitration services for those who need them.

The Role Of Mediation In Divorce

Mediation is a process in which both spouses work with or without attorneys and the divorce mediator to resolve issues outstanding in their particular matter through mutually agreeable terms (as opposed to going to court and having a judge rule on the issues outstanding). Mediators are different than judges. They are lawyers with extensive family law experience or retired judges who are intimately familiar with how a sitting judge will most likely address and resolve an issue outstanding. A skilled mediator can help couples work to a peaceful resolution of the issues outstanding and can often offer unique resolutions that a judge would not be able to consider because of statutory limitations on what he can and cannot do.

For mediation to work, divorcing couples need to be willing and able to compromise with one another. This means agreeing to previously disagreeable terms or giving up assets in return for the other spouse doing the same.

Divorce Arbitration Can Save Time And Money

Divorce Arbitration is an alternative resolution method that also introduces a third party, the arbitrator, who renders a decision after all the available evidence is presented. An arbitrator does not facilitate negotiations between parties but acts like a judge and renders decisions, which are binding on the parties as if a sitting superior court judge rendered them.

Arbitrators are not judges but their decisions have the same biding effect as a judge's decision. To be a family law arbitrator, he / she should be an experienced family law attorney with credible trial skills. Once an arbitrator renders a decision, it can be submitted to the court for approval, for finalization purposes.

Alternative Resolution Methods For Family Law Issues

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