Quality Representation In LGBTQIA+ Family Law

Same-sex marriages have been legal in New Jersey since 2013. Yet, Robert Diamond began representing members of the gay & lesbian community in their family law matters back in the early 1970's. In 1986, Richard Diamond joined his father and since then has also actively represented members of the gay & lesbian community in their family law matters, including claims involving domestic violence, palimony, adoption and estate planning.

At Diamond & Diamond, we have always recognized that same-sex couples face all of the same difficulties and hardships as all other couples face, and all of the same tools are available to them to resolve their matters, including arbitration, mediation and litigation.

At Diamond & Diamond, P.A., we are experienced litigators, mediators and arbitrators that fight for our client's rights within and outside of the courtroom.

Child Custody

Child custody disputes can be complicated, and experience tells us that they are no less complicated in same sex marriage settings. If you have questions as to how to handle custody issues in your relationship, call the family law attorneys at Diamond & Diamond, P.A., to discuss your custody and parenting time issues. We will ensure that you understand the breadth of your circumstances and promise to fight for your custodial rights, whether that fight has to take place inside or out of the courtroom.

Ending A Relationship

It is always difficult to end a personal relationship, regardless of whether it was entered under the domestic partnership act, the civil union act or as a marriage and the real issue is what are your rights and obligations as a result of the expanse of that relationship and what are my rights and obligations to my ex for the period of time that we lived together before we were formally married under the 2013 law permitting same sex marriages. It is always a wise decision to speak with an experienced family law lawyer before ending a legal relationship to ensure the proceedings run smoothly and to ensure that you are properly educated on your rights and your obligations.

Arbitration And Mediation

When both parties are prepared to compromise, alternative dispute resolutions can save both parties considerable time and money. The addition of a third-party mediator or arbitrator often makes a significant difference on both parties' attitudes and outcomes.

Your Name Matters!

While our legal names might seem inconsequential, they are far from it. A person's legal name is their identity; without a name, a person has no identity. Unfortunately, the legal name given to some people does not reflect their true identity. For these people, their legal name can become a source of pain as opposed to a source of pride. Our lawyers at Diamond & Diamond have the experience and ability to help ensure that your legal name (a.k.a. your identity) truly reflects your identity.

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