From the Mediation Room to the Courtroom

We handle divorce litigation in Short Hills, NJ and throughout New Jersey

Many New Jersey attorneys offer mediation and arbitration services. However, very few firms have the skills needed to handle divorce litigation work. Diamond & Diamond, P.A. has attorneys who do it all. That means going to court on your behalf if needed. When interviewing a divorce lawyer, ask them how many family trials they've handled to conclusion in the past three to five years. The answer might shock you.

Regardless of whether your divorce is peaceful or contentious, it's important to work with a divorce litigator to ensure that all of your bases are covered. Working with a litigator also helps reduce the likelihood of future issues arising. Speak with one of our attorneys in Short Hills, NJ now to find out if we are a good fit for you. The initial divorce consultation is free.

Qualified to take your case to court if necessary

We're fully certified in divorce litigation, meaning we maintain a certain number of in-trial hours and have extensive knowledge of the trial process. You can trust our attorneys to:

  • Explore your available options with you during a free divorce consultation
  • Work with you to develop a specific plan tailored to your strategic goals and objectives
  • Execute that strategic plan before, during and after your divorce matter ends

Hire a divorce litigator with extensive experience today. Our office is located in Short Hills, NJ and we serve clients throughout the entire state.

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