If you are dealing with a complex, difficult family law issue or more importantly a difficult former spouse, stop reading divorce lawyer reviews on the internet and make an appointment with Richard Diamond. He will listen and hear your story and get to work for you. Your case will not be allowed to drag out under his representation. His smart, no nonsense, effective work on your behalf allows the enormous stress of your situation to slowly ease because of how well he handles your case. I will never be able to thank Richard (and his amazing team) enough for all the hard work that was done on my behalf. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

★★★★★ | K

Hands Down Diamond and Diamond is the best Family Law Firm out there. Without the help and dedication of Richard Diamond and his team, I know the outcome of my divorce would have not been successful . Richard Diamond took over my contentious, unsettled, messy divorce more than halfway through when I was feeling helpless, defeated, and ill represented by my current legal team. Within weeks of him taking over my case and understanding what we were up against, he turned the entire divorce around. I finally felt assured that I was in good hands and finally in a favorable position. Richard and his team are compassionate, have integrity, and really do care about their clients. I trust everyone at this firm and would highly recommend Diamond and Diamond to anyone looking for a top notch Family Law Firm. Richard Diamond fights tireless for each and every client.

★★★★★ | Carly Novak

Mr.Richard Diamond in my opinion is a true professional, very passionate about the work he does, he delivers, very thorough, it does come with a price tag, but in my opinion you get what you pay for, I would gladly recommend anyone to him, he says what he means and means what he says, thank you Angela and Mr. Diamond for the great work your doing.

★★★★★ | Racquel Plunkett

For 23 years I have been dealing with my kids mother concerning child support. She has been a very vindictive woman through the years. If i purchased a new car, she would take me to court. When my wife and I purchased our new home, she took us to court for more child support. Even when the courts advised her I was paying the maximum amount, she still wanted more money. This year our son turned 23 years old and our daughter turn 22 years old, neither are going to college of any sort and they both work. My ex girlfriend attempted to fight the new laws that have taken affect concerning child support. She filed a petition attempting to question the new law, claiming that our son was disabled because he has ADDH.

My wife and I then made appointment with Richard Diamond of Diamond & Diamond Law Firm located in Millburn, New Jersey. Upon leaving Mr. Richard Diamond's office that afternoon, we left with a sense of comfort. On the day of the hearing, Mr. Richard Diamond and I walked into the court room in front of the judge. Mr. Diamond did all the talking and within ten to fifthteen minutes the petition was denied by the judge for more child support. Mr. Richard Diamond had so much material concerning my case, evidence, and prior case law cases that it was amazing. I have never met an attorney that knows so much about family law, case law, and has so much family law knowledge. I will be recommending him to co-workers and friends going though any family law issue.

Thank You Mr. Richard Diamond for helping us.

★★★★★ | Antonio Armand

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